Rehearsal – Crashbox offers both hourly “one OFF” time slots and monthly lockouts to allow its clients to choose, which option best suits their needs. Hourly rehearsal rates are priced according to room size, and ranges from $25 per hour to $35 per hour. For artist that have a set time each week for practice, we can also offer prepaid/monthly lockouts. Folks, who utilize this option can also enjoy discounted rates.


Crashbox Studios offers 3 fully equipped studio rooms available to rent on an hourly or monthly basis. Our base rate for rehearsal is $25 per hour.  We recommend that you book in advance to take advantage of discounted rates and to ensure booking space.

  • Rehearsal Studios

  • $35/HR
  • Hourly & Monthly Lockouts Available

    Small Room – $25 per hour

    Medium Room –$30 per hour

    Large Room –$35 per hour

  • Rehearsal Studios

  • $2754 HRS

    2 hrs. – Once a week for 4 weeks – $175

    3 hrs. – Once a week for 4 weeks – $250

    4 hrs. – Once a week for 4 weeks – $275


  • $50/HR
  • $50 per hour

    Instrument & Vocal Tracking

    Sound technician / engineer included in hourly rate.


  • $100 - 150/SONG
  • $100 – $150 per song

    Mixing and Editing


Policy Statement:

Crashbox Studios does not share, distribute, or use any personal information. Credit cards processed through our on-site reading device or the website shall be processed through a 3rd party secure server.

Refund Statement: 

Rehearsal: In the event that you need to cancel your scheduled session, and have paid a deposit to reserve your time slot. Crashbox Studios will refund 100% if the deposit amount paid, provided the cancellation notice occurs within 48 hours of scheduled session.

Recording: Clients who terminate services between Crashbox and themselves, are still fully obligated to pay any and all time associated with the project up until the time of cancellation. Refunds for recording may be issued in the event Crashbox is unable to produce the digital files associated with the project. Such occurrences may manifest via computer, equipment failure, or faulty issues that could arise during the recording process. Crashbox is not obligated for issuing refunds to clients who express dissatisfaction with production or audio quality. Refunds will not be issued once files have been issued to the client through an FTP sharing website, computer drive, or CD.

Crashbox reserves the right to utilize any recorded material created by Crashbox Studios for self-promotional purposes.